“After spending 6 years in the finance sector, I decided to take my experience and serve on a larger scale. Helping individuals & families find their dream home or property is very rewarding. My finance experience allows me to guide every customer through the entire process. I see it as building communities, one property at a time. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, I’d love to help you make it happen.”
— Mark Hanna

Like you, Mark Hanna understands life can be hard. “If life was easy, it would be no fun” is something you’ll hear from Mark. Everyone has a special story and everyone has obstacles in their life. Those obstacles build you, they teach you some of the most important lessons in life.     

Raised by his Great Grandparents, he learned the value of hard work, respect, the importance of education, kindness and above all, the significance of serving. Although he lost both his Great Grandparents by the age of 12, he was rooted with a positive foundation. His next round of life lessons came and prepared him for the future, he has always focused on making his Great Grandparents proud. 

With positive and purposeful thinking, Mark focused on not just surviving, but thriving in life. 

“You can have anything you’re willing to work for”. - Mark Hanna
— Mark Hanna

He graduated from McAllen High School (McAllen, Texas), where he learned the foundation of leadership as the Student Body President. He attended Northwood University (Dallas, Texas) and attended the University of Texas Pan American (Edinburg, Texas), where he learned discipline and consistency. 

Today, Mark Hanna is at First American Realty Co., where he is focused on growing the organization.