Make Your Passion Your Paycheck

I’ve met people who go to work everyday, and they hate their job. They stay at a job they don’t like just because of the paycheck. They let fear hold them back from opportunity. As a child, I wanted to change the world, I believed I could run for President of the United States and make the world a better place. The point is, I wasn’t worried about how much money I would make or what kind of benefits I would receive, I just liked the idea of helping people.

What IF we followed our passion instead of a paycheck?

I, as many of you, followed a paycheck, focused on the health benefits and 401K match, worried about how much money I was making, and most of all, I feared failure.

Yesterday, I decided to take my own advice. After 6 years in the finance industry, I left my great paying job where I had a VP title, 401K package, health care package, and an expense credit card. What 25 year-old wouldn’t be happy with all of this? Well, this guy.

The reality is, my real passion is motivational speaking and business consulting. I was not following my passion. Rather, I was letting fear hold me back from what I really wanted to do. Not anymore.

I am proud to announce, I have decided to be a motivational speaker and real estate agent full-time. I have a full schedule of speaking engagements and real estate clients are coming in. If you have passion for what you do, things will always come together, but it takes ACTION. You must take ACTION. No one is going to do it for you, believe in yourself and work for it.

What IF we followed our passion instead of a paycheck? I’m pretty sure, we’d be a lot happier.

In order to achieve great things, it takes risk, heart, determination, and most of all passion. Focus on all the reasons something CAN happen and not on the reasons it can’t.

My passion overall is helping people better themselves, personally or in business, not because of the money but because I would do it for free anyway.

My challenge to you: find what your passion is and turn it into your paycheck.