You GET what you GIVE

If you give mediocre, you’re going to get mediocre. We always wonder why life is difficult, and majority of the time, it comes from the problems WE create with our actions.

With every action, there is a reaction.

The difference between the ultra-successful and the ultra-comfortable is the way they spend their time.

The best way to work is by finding what you love to do. I love what I do; I am a motivator. Whether it’s speaking to students or speaking to business professionals, I love pointing out the opportunity we all have in life. I start my days before the sunrise and end my days after the sunset. Do I get tired? Constantly, but my love and passion for what I do gives me energy. (Also Starbucks, Starbucks gives me A LOT of energy).

Mark Cuban worked 7 years without taking a vacation, and he later sold his company at a price of $5.7 BILLION. Do you think he wanted to rest throughout those 7 years? Of course he did. Do you think Mark Cuban (Billionaire) regrets investing his time working his tail off? Just a guess, but I don’t think so. Sacrifice is something we must all learn to do. We want it “all” but don’t want to do what it takes to have it all.

If you play basketball and take 500 practice shots every day, focusing on your form and perfecting your shot, you’re more than likely better than the person who plays basketball and takes about 50 shots daily. The biggest difference between these two players is the time they dedicate to basketball. One dedicates a lot and one dedicates less. I am not going to tell you who the better shooter is, you already know.

FYI, Michael Jordan would take 1,000 shots a day growing up. What you are doing to get better?

We all want that “six pack” but no one wants to do a sit-up. If you spend all your time watching TV and very little time at the gym, but yet your goal is to lose weight, your actions speak for themselves.

How are you investing your time?

My personal advice to you: Give your heart in all you do!

Hutton EdwardsComment