Call the REALTOR® who knows finance

If you're sick, you go see a doctor. If you're getting a divorce, you go see an attorney. If you are buyingselling, or leasing a piece of property you go see a REALTOR® (preferably me). 

Real estate is complex. Everyone wants to buy a piece of real estate, but financing is what stops most consumers.  As a former banker and licensed mortgage lender, I focus on bringing solutions to every transaction. The internet and many online websites such as ZillowTrulia and Loopnet are great for pictures, but they don't replace the human factor. You need someone to negotiate on your behalf, do market research, walk you through your options, and ultimately get the job done. When problems arise, you want a REALTORS® who has the experience to find a solution.

My name is Mark Hanna and I am ready to serve you. Call us today to experience what "First-in-Service" really means.


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